Covid 19


In addition to COVID-19 forcing an overall surge in demand for our products, we also have a responsibility to our staff and community to comply with health and safety guidelines. Therefore, we are temporarily suspending marketing of frozen and refrigerated items in order to implement measures that comply with existing guidelines for workplace conditions and work through fulfilling existing orders for the remainder of the categories which we host.


What this means for you


We are temporarily limiting our catalog selection. Going forward for the next few weeks, we will be accepting orders from a limited selection. This is a temporary measure we have implemented. The expected lead time for orders placed on our catalog is approximately two weeks and 5 days in transit depending on the carrier's timeline.

During this time period we will work on fulfilling existing orders while implementing protocol to comply with safety guidelines.


We expect to reinstate our full catalog of products as soon as we work through all of the measures we implement. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these trying times.






Please read this very carefully. As we try to navigate the challenging environment we are experiencing due to Novel Coronavirus, your orders may be severely delayed. This delay is the result of:


How we are impacted:

1. A stressed out supply chain: Due to an overwhelming demand for orders, we as well as our vendors and other logistics partners have experienced unanticipated strain that goes beyond all limits of our capacity. We anticipate this to continue for quite some time.

2. Data outages: As a result of the overwhelming demand we are experiencing, we are also struggling to update our data. Our partners have experienced the same issue and, likewise, are processing data improperly. Consequently, our entire data exchange has been deemed inaccurate. We are working to address this issue.

3. Fulfillment issues: As a result of the latest environment, our fulfillment operation has been impacted. This because we are in the process of aggressively expanding our staff while respecting the needs of staff that are unable to attend work due to their family commitments.  Aside from staffing issues, we have experienced a shift in customer preferences. The average package weight has approximately doubled  and we are shipping goods that are more fragile. This has caused our processing times to increase, thereby impacting our shipment schedule.

4. Carrier disruptions: Thankfully, we haven't had too many carrier issues with pickups. However, we have been advised that USPS Priority Mail packages may be delayed and FedEx packages to commercial addresses may be returned if no one is there to receive them.

5. Additional safety and sanitation issues: We have an added burden to properly sanitize our workplace and maintain a secure environment. This has cut into our efficiency.

We are monitoring these issues and continue to address them as we try to navigate this unthinkable chain of events.